What a feeling…Miata!

Miata Front

I’ve got announcement for you, dear reader.  The mild-mannered, straitlaced side of the Mind Over Motor duo has let his hair down a little bit.  A few months ago, after a few stiff drinks and a hangover to rival Dionysus, I made the executive decision to get an NA Miata.  I bought one so I could get better at driving stick (I wasn’t bad when I bought it but this is the only way to improve consistently when you haven’t driven stick your whole life), as well as to have a second car to drive around when I want a go-kart for the road.

It’s in great shape–far better condition than the last Miata Nick had.  It’s a 1993 model with a new stereo and a new clutch, and it needs a little work. It’s a great car so far.  While the little 1.6L DOHC four isn’t a ball of fire, 2200 pounds make life easy for it off the line and it feels sprightly up to 75MPH.  The brakes are effective and the clutch feels very strong–it’s more than up to the abuse of a driver who’s new to manual transmissions (I hope).  No real leaks, and the only issue is that it’s lacking a limited-slip rear differential.   It also needs tires–the all seasons occupying the little 14-inch wheels need to go.

Flip up headlights, bright red paint, and a chassis and transmission to die for?  It’s going to be an interesting ride.  Stay with us, as a full review is coming this summer when the weather warms up.

Miata Interior

Miata Rear

Miata Angle


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