Volkswagen T2 Mark I 21-Window Bus spotted in Fernadina Beach, FL

Volkswagen Type 2 Mk1 21-Window

While awaiting my turn to take the new Alfa Romeo 4C for a spin around Amelia Island, Nick walked on ahead as I took in the scenery for a very brief second. Said scenery was very hippie-tastic, in the form of this stunning old VW Bus. The Volkswagen Type 2 has exploded in popularity over the past few years and the 21-window variant pictured here is the real showstopper of the entire line, with an airy cabin and groovy paint. While it certainly won’t keep up on the road with similar-era Porsches or Mercedes, it will certainly grab equal attention in the valet lot at dinner–and it can definitely be the life of the party, both when you arrive, and on the way home.

Spotted by: Albert S. Davis


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