A Big Merc vs. a Big Bimmer

Jonny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa come up with a set of very strong points about the BMW 7 Series and the king of the hill (aka the Mercedes S-Class) in this new Head to Head. Funny thing is, it doesn’t take long for the viewer to figure out which is the better luxury cruiser. BMW seems intent on gizmos, gadgets, and whiz-bang features. Mercedes, however, does what they usually do–make the smoothest and most honest to God luxury automobile that (slightly) silly money can buy. As usual, M-B wins–and I agree with the verdict. Gimmicks are nice, but once you hit the back seat and relax, how often will you use them all? And are they going to make up for a less-comfortable riding experience? My take is “no”. And it would seem that the good folk at MT agree.


Your Thoughts?

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