1931 Voisin C20 Simoun Underslung at Hershey

Voisin C20 Hershey 1

I do have a weakness for pre-war French cars. These were the chariots of the bourgeoisie, with their fantastic art deco style, artisan coachwork, and superior technology.

This Voisin C20 Simoun Underslung was the top sport model of the Voisin V-12 range. It commanded a hefty premium even over a comparable Bugatti of the day. Only 30 Voisin C20 chassis were originally built, and this one is supposedly the only survivor.

Enjoy the photos of this most-elegant machine.

Voisin C20 Hershey 6
Voisin C20 Hershey 3 Voisin C20 Hershey 2Voisin C20 Hershey 7
Voisin C20 Hershey 5

-Nick Walker

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