My take on the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show happened this week, and every year it’s like Christmas has come for the car industry.

Here are the highlights for me, and my thoughts on each…

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The front-engine V12 Ferraris are by far my favorite Ferraris. They have always been the ultimate expression of what a grand touring car can be, and their lineage goes all the way back to the beginning of Ferrari road cars in the early 1950s.

The 812 Superfast takes the insanity of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and takes it up yet another notch. With damn near 800hp on tap from its still-naturally-aspirated-V12 engine, the 812 Superfast is now the ultimate GT car (really more of a supercar) that money can buy. I also think it looks absolutely manic, yet somehow still in an elegant sort of way.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid

Do you think anyone ever imagined this when the Toyota Prius first came out? Hybrids were once pathetic little econo-boxes, but here is a 680hp Porsche Panamera with a hybrid system developed from the 918 hypercar. This is exactly how hybrid technology should be used. I want a 680hp bullet that can still get decent MPG when I’m not thrashing it. If nothing else, isn’t technology all about having your cake and eating it too?

Ford Fiesta ST

The current Fiesta ST is definitely my favorite hot hatch, overall. It’s always a total riot to drive, and nothing can even come close to the value it offers for the price. To be a success in my eyes, the new Fiesta ST simply has to carry that torch.

I’m liking what I see here a lot. I think the move to a 3 cylinder is a good idea for this car. It hasn’t lost any power, and it’ll be even better on gas when cruising. The Fiesta ST is generally used as a daily driver, after all, so it needs to become a better everyday hero. It doesn’t need to be faster or more powerful, but it could use a little more refinement, and and who doesn’t love a few more cruising MPGs? Things are looking good thus far.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

I’ve developed a genuine hatred for Mitsubishi in the last few years. They’ve totally ruined any brand integrity they once had. Now they’ve gone and named an SUV after a sport coupe, because that makes a ton of sense. Mitsubishi died for me when they decided to kill off the Evo. Kill this thing with fire, quick, before it lays eggs!

McLaren 720S

This is clearly the next step forward for the modern supercar. It’s a bold move from McLaren to take the lead in crossing the 700hp mark, and I think the brand is absolutely killing it right now. I really love the new design language, and I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

Range Rover Velar

The best-looking SUV on the market, based on what may be the best SUV chassis on the market. It could be a great combination.


Rolls Royce Diamond Paint

Ok, so the plutocrats are painting their cars with diamonds now. Is it time for the peasants to grab their pitchforks and set up the guillotines yet, because it seems like it should be…

Volkswagen Arteon Concept

I daily drive a Volkswagen CC, and the Arteon will become the CC’s replacement, so naturally, I like. I think it’s a stunning car, and I really hope VW keeps the 280hp 2.0L Turbo option with AWD available when it makes it to showrooms in the US. That might be awfully tempting.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Look, I don’t really care whether they BS’d the Nurburgring time or not. This is the ultimate performance Lamborghini money can buy now. I drove the Gallardo Superleggera on track, and I loved how it handled sharper, and rotated so much better, than the normal Gallardo. If this Performante is like that compared to the standard Huracan, it ought to be an incredible thrill.

Honda Civic Type R

It’s high time the USA finally get the full-blown Type R models from Honda. They’ve always been serious performers, and I look forward to seeing this 306hp FWD beast take on its AWD rivals.

Audi B9 RS5

Audi improved the RS5 in the best way possible; they ditched the archaic, maintenance-crazy 4.2L V8. Replacing that motor is a 2.9L twin turbo Hot-V6, shared with the Porsche Panamera S. It produces 444hp and 443ft/lbs of torque, and it will undoubtedly be able to add much more with mods and tuning. The new RS5 is also down to around 3,600lbs, a decent bit less than the old model.

Look, I love N/A engines in lightweight applications, but big luxury-based cars need the massive torque punch you get from a boosted engine.



RUF has made their own retro homage to their iconic CTR Yellowbird, and it’s a pretty impressive thing. It’s RWD only, manual only, weighs 2,640lbs, and has 700hp. This is a classic widow-maker Porsche, only one that isn’t technically a Porsche. RUF will build 30 of these cars.

I think it’s cool, but I’m more of a Singer 911 man, myself, when it comes to the nouveau-retro Porsche thing.

Pagani Huayra Roadster

Horacio Pagani improves the already spectacular Huayra by chopping off the top, and making it lighter than the coupe. They’ve also given the Roadster more of an edge. If the Huayra Coupe is an elegant woman, the Roadster is her naughty younger sister.

Too bad I don’t have the money for one, and too bad, even if I did, I couldn’t buy one because they’re already sold out.

Porsche 991.2 GT3

This is the 911 everyone wanted, and then some. Porsche delivered magnificently, so much so that they’ll probably rock the 911 market pretty hard.



Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is shaping up to be a serious contender for enthusiasts who really want to go fast, like racecar fast. They’ve been racing, and their steet car the SCG003S is literally going to be as close to a racecar for the street as possible.

-Nick Walker


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