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Cars we have more real experience with. Includes our own cars, friend’s cars, and cars we have lived with. There are some things you can only learn as you really get to know a car.

Test Driven: 6.0 swapped 2000 Chevrolet Silverado (9/10)

The Silverado (by Dan V)

I have been around cars for a long time now, and it has gotten to the point where I generally know what to expect when I get behind the wheel of something new. Many cars have some surprising features, but usually these surprises are more of a nice touch, a cherry on top of the ice cream sundae; if you will. Every so often though, I find something that completely throws my expectations out the window. The Chevy Siverado you see above belongs to my photographer friend, Dan Valanzola, who has spent countless hours turning it into something entirely unexpected.   Continue reading Test Driven: 6.0 swapped 2000 Chevrolet Silverado (9/10)

Test Driven: 1991 Mazda RX-7 FC Convertible (8.5/10)

A Wankel, or rotary, engine is a bit of an automotive conundrum these days. It is a technology with some very distinctive pros and cons, making it very controversial amongst car people. In fact, Mazda is the only company that has dabbled with it in modern production cars, and the RX8 just recently went out of production. The rotary is the trademark feature of their RX line of sports cars, in the same way that a rear engine design is the hallmark of the Porsche 911. I got my first taste of a rotary when I reviewed the RX8, and I thought it was quite fun. So when my friend Shane told me I could borrow his ’91 RX7 convertible for the afternoon, while he was at work, I jumped at the opportunity. Sunny day, convertible sports car, rev happy Wankel motor, it sounded like a great time to me.

Continue reading Test Driven: 1991 Mazda RX-7 FC Convertible (8.5/10)

Test Driven: 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6….Slammed (9.5/10)

The Stance Movement has become quite a big thing in recent years. For those unfamiliar with the trend it is sort of like a neo-lowrider thing. People have been taking cars of all sorts and dropping them down as low as they can go, all in the name of “Stance”. Nowhere is this fad bigger than in the Volkswagen crowd, as can be seen at a host of water themed events that take place all over the country. My friend Justin spent months scouring the forums to find a slammed VW of his own, and he finally found the clean ’98 GTI you see here. He was nice enough to let me take it out recently so I could see what a slammed car is all about from the driver seat. What followed was a very interesting experience.   Continue reading Test Driven: 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6….Slammed (9.5/10)

Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S

On the left is the owner, Adam Schaffer.

As most of our readers remember, I tested out a new Saab 9-3X wagon and found it to be lacking in any features that made it stand out from its competitors.  But, Saab has always marched to the beat of its own drum (which, ironically, led it right to the poorhouse), for better or for worse. My Aunt’s family lives in Albany, NY, and they have owned this red 900 hatchback since it was new, and they won’t get rid of it.  It’s rusty, it’s crusty, and it has 174,000 miles on it.  But, I approached it with a question: How good is a 17 year old Saab that’s spent most of its life in the Rust Belt?  On a cold night in December, my uncle tossed me the keys and I found out. Continue reading Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S