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Long time friend and fellow car guy, Dan Valanzola, joins the MoM crew bringing some epic photographs for all to enjoy.

Volkswagen Touareg TDI: The Dieselgate Review

This 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDI is my dad’s daily driver, and despite us owning it for nearly 5 years now, I’ve yet to do a review on it until now. But with the advent of Dieselgate, which now affects our Touareg, I figured it was time.

In the video I review the Touareg, and how it’s been for our family over the years. Then, with that in mind, I give my take on Dieselgate and what we plan to do as things progress.

I wrote an article on Dieselgate earlier, before the V6 diesel models were affected, but now that our Touareg has been drawn into it, I wanted to do show my take on the full issue on video.


Here are some pics of our VW Touareg TDI shot by our friend, Dan Valanzola:

VW Touareg Diesel VW Touareg Diesel VW Touareg Diesel

-Nick Walker


Test Driven: 6.0 swapped 2000 Chevrolet Silverado (9/10)

The Silverado (by Dan V)

I have been around cars for a long time now, and it has gotten to the point where I generally know what to expect when I get behind the wheel of something new. Many cars have some surprising features, but usually these surprises are more of a nice touch, a cherry on top of the ice cream sundae; if you will. Every so often though, I find something that completely throws my expectations out the window. The Chevy Siverado you see above belongs to my photographer friend, Dan Valanzola, who has spent countless hours turning it into something entirely unexpected.   Continue reading Test Driven: 6.0 swapped 2000 Chevrolet Silverado (9/10)

Hopewell Cruise Night: International Harvester custom

Photo by Dan Valanzola

This custom International Harvester truck was at the cruise night in in Hopewell, NJ a few months ago. I must admit that I don’t know much about these trucks except that they are quite rare at this point. This particular truck has obviously been slammed and customized, with pure badassary seeping from every nook and cranny. Enjoy.

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Dan Valanzola shoots a Lotus Europa at TWR

It has been a long time in the works but we are pleased to announce the official addition of my long time friend, Dan Valanzola, to the Mind Over Motor team. Dan takes beautiful pictures, and his work has been featured on the site a few times in the past. With this new category we will be featuring Dan’s work specifically, starting with this gallery of a Lotus Europa racing car at Thomas Walko Racing in NJ. We met some of the TWR guys at a recent event and they were very cool, inviting us to come see their shop and maybe attend some events. Dan went to the shop and captured their Europa that we had heard so much about from the guys. It has some of the widest fender flares I have ever seen, really menacing on a car so small. Looking forward to more in the future for sure. Enjoy the pics.


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