Test Driven: 2000 Cadillac Eldorado ETC

“And best of all…it’s a Cadillac!” Those words certainly meant something back in the days of 8-tracks, pimpmobiles, and Gerald Ford. But, now is the time of iPods, hybrids, and Barack Obama.  So, I wanted to know if this 10 year old Cadillac Eldorado was in any way still a great cruiser. I grabbed the golden keys and started her up.  Cadillac has not produced the Eldorado since 2002, and only recently started producing two-door coupes again with the CTS Coupe.

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Test Driven: 2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Pontiac’s long history came to an end in 2009 amidst GM’s bankruptcy and Pontiac’s lack of distinction within the General Motors family.  But, the announcement came at at time when Pontiac began to distance themselves from the GM marching order, and a few years before had started producing some models with some real “driving excitement”.  The GTO, which was a bit of a market fluke, may not have looked the part of a muscle car, but certainly went like one.  The Solstice, the General’s answer to the Miata, hit the streets in 2006, after a very positive reception on the auto show circuit.  On the heels of the Dodge Charger (and the renaissance of the big RWD-V8 American sedan), Pontiac launched the G8 in 2008, right when I turned 18–and I kept going back to the local Pontiac dealership waiting for one to arrive.

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Ferrari’s got a brand new bag. Some thoughts on the new F12 Berlinetta.

The new king.

Today is a special sort of day.  It’s Leap Day, a day which comes around once every four years–February 29th.  And Ferrari got it into their heads to pick today to show off their third new car in 4 years, the replacement for the highly-regarded flagship GT car, the 599 GTB.  That car has gone through various variations (the 599 HGTE, 599XX, GTO, and SA Aperta, among others), and now Ferrari has the new replacement, the F12 Berlinetta.  In so many words, this new Ferrari is going to blow the roof off the place.  Hit the jump for more. Continue reading Ferrari’s got a brand new bag. Some thoughts on the new F12 Berlinetta.

BMW and Saab, a match made in Heaven

BMW and Saab

Recently it was reported that BMW had expressed interest in purchasing Saab Automobiles. After hearing this news I found myself constantly pondering the possibilities of this acquisition and how BMW could make Saab work in the market where GM had failed. BMW will of course be in contention with numerous other bidders, however after much thought I see BMW as the most perfect match possible for the Saab brand and its resurgence.

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3 years on, are the Japanese still lost in the dark?

Back in the Eighties, Toyota was making stuff like this iconic AE86. Thankfully the GT 86 might bring back the glory of yesteryear, but what about the rest of Japan?

Back in 2009, The Truth About Cars editor Jack Baruth wrote an article on how the Japanese auto industry is losing its heritage to the point where its products are a shell of what they used to be. He talked about how Honda had lost its roots as a maker of cars with flair and engineering excellence, and how Nissan and Toyota were becoming too close to one another on retail lots.  He reposted it on their website (thetruthaboutcars.com) and I found it to still be relevant today.  But, in these three years, a few things have changed in the market.  My question is this:  Does Baruth’s argument still hold water, and is there any more evidence to support his side of this debate?  I took a look into what the market is like today, and there are arguments for both sides. Continue reading 3 years on, are the Japanese still lost in the dark?

A Prius, a Veyron, and an MP4-12C walk into a bar…

Tom Cruise and his Veyron on the red carpet

That is a silly title, I know, but it does beg the question as to why I would put those three specific cars together at all? The answer lies in how they all have a similar reason for their existence, to be a number. Each was meant to achieve some specific measure of performance that would define the car to the world. While all three have been successful in achieving their tangible goals they have all wound up becoming relics of a more regimented and boring existence. They all cater to an increasingly soulless and superficial world where people judge everything from a bunch of numbers on sheet of paper or a computer screen, and not so much from actual experiences.    Continue reading A Prius, a Veyron, and an MP4-12C walk into a bar…

Some thoughts on the past year’s sales.

Once again, I give you the bestselling vehicle in America–the Ford F-150.

On January 3rd, all the sales results for each major car brand sold in the United States were made public for the month of December, and consequently, the entire previous year.  For the most part, 2011 was an excellent year for sales in the auto industry, a big step in the right direction since the turmoil of 2009.  There were of course, some nasty issues that clearly affected sales across the board, but this year, only a select few CEOs should really need a drink today.  So, let’s take a look at these numbers and see what falls out of the tree. Continue reading Some thoughts on the past year’s sales.

Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S

On the left is the owner, Adam Schaffer.

As most of our readers remember, I tested out a new Saab 9-3X wagon and found it to be lacking in any features that made it stand out from its competitors.  But, Saab has always marched to the beat of its own drum (which, ironically, led it right to the poorhouse), for better or for worse. My Aunt’s family lives in Albany, NY, and they have owned this red 900 hatchback since it was new, and they won’t get rid of it.  It’s rusty, it’s crusty, and it has 174,000 miles on it.  But, I approached it with a question: How good is a 17 year old Saab that’s spent most of its life in the Rust Belt?  On a cold night in December, my uncle tossed me the keys and I found out. Continue reading Test Driven: 1995 SAAB 900 S

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