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Twin Turbo Aventador……..

Underground Racing is claiming 1200+whp from this car. Pretty insane power and speed. Bugatti owners be scared.


Drive: A visit to the Koenigsegg factory

JF Musial visits the Koenigsegg factory in Sweden. It is a half hour long, but if you love cars you will make time. It is an incredible video, offering much insight into Koenigsegg.


Pagani Zonda: The last surviving member of a glorious age

Pagani Zonda 760RS

There have been two videos in the past few days about Pagani. One was JF Musial’s visit to the Pagani Factory for his segment on the Drive network, and the other was EVO Magazine’s video of the Zonda 760RS. The Drive video was more like a documentary and featured an interview with Horacio Pagani himself, offering a lot of valuable insight into Pagani Automobili, their values, and their history. Evo’s video was more targeted toward the Zonda 760RS specifically. It was one of the typical, somewhat quirky, Harry Metcalfe videos that fans have come to know and love. But Harry did a fantastic job of showing us what the 760RS is all about, and he made sure we could hear the car’s glorious soundtrack. The mix of these videos started me thinking about the Zonda specifically, and its significance in the world of cars.   Continue reading Pagani Zonda: The last surviving member of a glorious age

Pagani Zonda 760RS, by EVO

EVO Magazine’s Harry Metcalfe gets behind the wheel of the newest, most insane Zonda, the 760RS. I consider myself a pretty moral person, but I would commit unspeakable atrocities if I could own this car. Paganis are my favorite, and this may be the most insane one. I know this is Pagani video number 2 for today, but this needs to be seen.


This is why Pagani is on a totally different level

Going to the Pagani factory changed my life. There is something uniquely special about the way they do things and the cars they make that just captivated me. This video from Drive shows many of these qualities very well. I know the video is nearly a half hour, but if you have the time you should give it a watch. Definitely listen to everything Horacio Pagani says too because he is a passionate and genius. Amazing video!


Thoughts on the SRT Viper

SRT Viper

Back when I was a kid my first real “Dream Car” was the Viper GTS. There was something that was just so cool and awesome about it, and thats what matters when you’re a kid. Now as I’ve grown older, and have learned more about cars and driving, I realize how insane the Viper is as a car. I still love Vipers though, and they will always have a special place as my first automotive love, however my tastes have since gravitated to the more refined offerings from Europe. That said, seeing this new car  brings me back to when I first saw the GTS. It’s shape is much more that of the original Viper than of the previous generation, and for me that is a major step in the right direction (not that I disliked the previous gen at all). The Magic seems to be returning, and this new Viper looks very promising in many ways.   Continue reading Thoughts on the SRT Viper