Cord L-29 at St Michael’s Concours d’Elegance

Those of you who have been following the site for a while should know by now that I’m a sucker for the Cord L-29.  It’s an ahead-of-its-time, FWD luxury car that looks expensive and has a late-Twenties look that is timeless in my opinion.  Of course, I always love seeing them at Concours events, and at the St. Michael’s Concours last September, I saw another great-looking example, this time courtesy of the Hershey Museum, who brought theirs out to the Chesapeake Bay that weekend.  This one had its roof up for most of the show but the black-and-gray paintjob made the car look like a proper late-Twenties time capsule.  Enjoy the photos.

-Albert S. Davis

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