1939 Delage D8-120S Coupe at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Delage D8 120S Front Left

The French are not known these days for timeless, elegant styling. Wind the clock back 75 years, however, and they had the honor of calling companies like Delage and Delahaye home, two manufacturers that could lay claim to some of the most beautiful Depression-era automobiles ever produced. This particular Delage is one of the last D8s built before the Germans invaded France in 1940 and with its Vanvooren coachwork looks absolutely stunning. It is a shame that this striking car did not win any awards at Amelia this spring. Notably, it’s the only car I felt obligated to photograph after the rest of the show field had left for the evening at the close of the Concours. Although the starting rod failed, it did not have any problem making my heart skip a beat that day in Florida. Enjoy the photos.

Delage D8 120S Headlight Right

Delage D8 120S Front

Delage D8 120S Exterior Exhaust Pipes

Delage D8 120S Engine

Delage D8 120S Interior Left

Delage D8 120S Front Angle Right

Delage D8 120S Rear

Delage D8 120S Profile Rear

Delage D8 120S Paint Finish

-Albert S. Davis

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