The Lincoln Continental: Grandpa Irving’s Lincoln, No Longer.

Lincoln Continental Concept Front Angle

Lincoln hasn’t been making dramatic, sexy, or even remotely attention-grabbing cars for some years now. In fact, all of their products since the LS was taken out behind the barn have been rebadged Fords. 9 years of nothing but rebadged Fords and mediocrity. Finally, though, there is hope from the land of Town Cars, Mark Series, and Zephyrs. The new Continental concept is a genuine breath of fresh air from Lincoln–it’s not a reskinned Ford with a toupee.

Lincoln Continental Concept Rear

Nick made the argument last week that the Continental looks way too close to a lot of other luxury cars on the market (mostly German), and while I can see where he’s coming from, I don’t think that’s fair. This is car I’m judging from the inside out, not the outside in. Lincoln has put an EcoBoost V6 in this car, along with AWD and what has been described as a sumptuous interior–an attribute that many Lincolns have lacked over the past thirty years (they merely give a sumptuous impression, but not a reality).

Lincoln Continental Concept Wheel

The interior is a combination of fantastic art-deco style, functionality, and comfort. Most report the rear seats as being a place owners will want to spend time in. The seats are clad in Alcantara to present a throwback to velvet that adorned American luxury cars of old–but in a new format. Lincoln has already green-lighted the Continental, and I think that even though it doesn’t look as unique as some would like, it’s a hell of a lot more car than they’ve made in a long time, and it will bring back the vaunted Continental name from the depths of Dante’s Inferno. Okay, maybe I’m a little dramatic–but I want this car to be successful as much as Ford Motor Company does.

Lincoln Continental Concept Front

Lincoln Continental Concept Headlight

Lincoln Continental Concept Side

-Albert S. Davis


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