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Pagani Zonda F (Horacio’s Own) at The Quail

Horacio's Pagani Zonda F at The Quail

I could say that I have many “dream cars”, but none quite so much as the majestic Pagani Zonda F. This really is “the one” for me, above all other cars.

The Zonda is fast as hell, but there are many faster cars out there. It is extremely expensive too, worth a few million, but one with enough money could always spend even more. But when it comes to being special, when it comes down to the fine individual details that add up to make something that is truly magnificent, a Pagani has no match.

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Exotic Supercars of the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

Pagani Huayra at the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

Here are the exotic cars from the 2014 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. There was quite a spectacular display of some very rare supercars and hypercars on display this year, everything from the $1.9 million Pagani Huayra you see above, to a Ferrari Enzo, to the world-speed-record-setting Hennessey Venom GT, to Jim Glickenhaus’ P4/5 Competizione. It was surely a sight to be seen.

The Pagani Huayra really stood out, though. It spent both days of the show tucked away in the corner of Miller Motorcars’ display tent, but it was completely swamped with people the entire time. When it left the field, people literally lost their minds, jumping around in a reckless frenzy to try and snag the perfect shot of it.

Is easy to see why people go completely nuts over the Huayra when after a decade of grueling depravation for American car enthusiasts, it is the first Pagani to finally make it stateside. But the Huayra is also an exceptionally magnificent object, even by seven-figure supercar standards. Every aspect of the car seems so “full,” right down to the finest detail — nothing has been overlooked or under-thought.

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Pagani Huayra at The Quail

Pagani Huayra at The Quail

I remember, back when I was like fifteen, when getting to sit in a supercar was an unbelievable thrill. It was before I had a driver’s license, so driving them still seemed so far off in the distance, and sitting in a car at an event was sort of the pinnacle experience among my friends and I. We always used to talk to owners with the hopes of buttering them up before popping the big question, “So, can I sit in it?”

It seems like a simple request, but with many owners, you might as well be saying, “I really love your wife’s breasts, mind if I have myself a feel?” Such cars many people can hold that dearly to themselves. There were always the “cool” owners who obliged us, and a few complete jerks who wouldn’t. Some of my favorite reactions actually came from company representatives, who had forgotten to lock the cars at events, like, “Excuse me, sir. Are you being…. helped?” (to a 15 year old kid), or “You think you can just sit in whatever cars you please?” Well yes, if the door is open I think I will.

Anyway, since starting this site, I have had the great fortune of getting to drive many “dream cars,” and I must say that simply sitting in a Lamborghini doesn’t quite do for me what it used to any more. However, this year we went to The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, and there I was given the opportunity to sit in my (above all others) dream car, the Pagani Huayra. The excitement was back, and in force. I was now in the midst of everything I have seen online, all those immaculate details, and it was just awesome.

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The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering 2013

Ferrari P4/5 owned by James Glickenhaus
Ferrari P4/5 owned by James Glickenhaus

The Quail is probably the most exclusive show during Monterey Car Week. The best cars are always in attendance, many of which don’t even show up at Pebble Beach — despite Pebble Beach being the far more prestigious event. There is some political BS surrounding the event that I could address, but frankly, I only care about the cars.

Put simply, the Quail is absolutely the show to go to on the Friday of Monterey Car Week, provided you can get in. Every event on the Monterey Peninsula is worth checking out, but the comparative quality of the automotive crop at this event is staggering, even with the high standards of the other events. We got there a bit late because of prior engagements that day, but I we still managed to see most of the event. I’m going to just let the pictures do the talking from here. Enjoy.

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Spotted! Pagani Huayra, Monterey, CA

Pagani Huayra


The last few days have been pretty unbelievable. We have had a fantastic time at the Monterey Car Week, and are now in the process of returning, and recovering, from the festivities. We have amassed many months of material after seeing scores of incredible automobiles at the many events, as well as on the street as you see here.

This is the first Pagani Huayra I have laid eyes on in person, and what a magnificent sight it was. This is the first US-spec Huayra, and its exposed carbon fiber finish over red leather interior is nothing short of immaculate. This is just a short gallery from when we spotted the car on the streets of Monterey, CA on Thursday. We saw the car again the next day at the Quail, and I got a much better set of photos.

The story of this spot is kind of a funny one. Al and I had both seen the car separately earlier in the day, but it was while we were behind the wheel of Jaguar F-Types, so we couldn’t really get pictures. So now, out on the streets, the hunt for the Huayra was on!

We did some spotting in Carmel, CA for much of the evening. We saw some unbelievable cars there, but no Pagani Huayra. With the light fading we decided to take a swoop through Monterey’s Cannery Row to see what cars we could find there. As we turned past the Plaza Hotel, I started saying “Come on Huayra. Come on Huayra!” Then, right up the road, I recognized a certain shape, a wide car sticking out between normal cars. It was unmistakable, it was the Huayra!

Then, low and behold, as we slow down and approach the car, the door pops up and out steps none other than Horacio Pagani himself. We pull up along side, yelling in excitement, and Mr. Pagani happily thanked his adoring fans. We then found a parking spot and went back to grab these photos, some in front of the restaurant, and some at the Plaza Hotel. This was the cherry on top of our first day, and there was much more to come. Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for much more!

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Evo Magazine: Analogue Supercars

This may well be the most incredible test Evo Magazine has ever put together. With the onset of modern supercars, and the digital age, they wanted to take a look at some of the best old-school “pure” supercars. McLaren F1, Pagani Zonda F, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Noble M600, and Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 SV, oh yes, prepare yourself for some epic.

Shmee150 goes for an insane ride in a Pagani Zonda 760

Shmee150 (Tim) goes for a ride in Pagani’s development mule Zonda, which is currently in 760 RS spec. The man doing the insane driving is Pagani’s test driver Davide Testi. Italy is a wonderful place, and if you are in a supercar, the world is your racetrack. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this epic video.


Spotted! Pagani Huayra, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

Pagani Huayra

I’m currently on vacation visiting my brother Matt, who lives in Pasadena and submitted this Cadillac Series 62 for a Spotted article back in January. Nick sent me a tip for this particular car in Beverly Hills, so my other brother and I got out to the swankiest area in LA County. Our efforts were rewarded as Seth and I stepped out to the drop-off zone of the hotel inside the building.

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Pagani Top Gear tire controversy: I call it great preparation

Pagani Huayra with suspect tires

So this whole controversy has erupted over whether Pagani “cheated” to get the Top Gear lap record. In the first episode of the new season the Pagani Huayra managed a lap time of 1:12.8, the fastest they’ve ever had. Now, in order for the lap to count, a car must be road legal. Clarkson defines this as “being able to get over a speed bump”, but it also applies to a car having street legal tires. People noticed that, during the lap, the Huayra’s tires had a different tread pattern than those you see above, and indeed the tires do look sort of similar to the track spec tires seen on a Zonda R.

Jalopnik reached out to Pagani for comment. Because Pagani is full of good people, unlike other companies, they responded nicely, and admitted that two separate tires had been used for the Top Gear shoot. Pagani maintained that the tires used for the lap are indeed street legal, though. Pagani has a very close relationship with Pirelli, and helps them to develop new tires. The general consensus, at this point, is that the Huayra was on street-legal versions of the Zonda R’s racing slicks, tires that were custom made for Pagani. So yes, Pagani did use better than standard tires for the winning lap, but they were street legal, if only just.

Actual racing slicks on a Zonda R
The normal Pirelli tires found on the Huayra

My opinion is that, so long as the tires used were street legal, then the lap should stand. Quite plainly, it is the responsibility of any automaker sending a press car to a big show, like Top Gear, to ensure their car is prepared in a manner that will give the best showing possible for their audience. Pagani was really just doing their job here, and doing it well, I might add. They pushed the rules, but they didn’t brake them, and they wound up with the fastest lap time. That people, is how competitions have been won throughout all of time, and I applaud them for their thoughtful preparation. More to show us all that Pagani possesses an uncompromising commitment to excellence in their work, and not even press car logistics are allowed to be a routine motion. This is exactly why Pagani is my favorite.

Also, the way people are talking about this, you’d think it was some big, important scandal. Everyone is acting like its the F1 World Championship, and the winning driver cut a corner for a pass on the final lap. People, Top Gear is purely entertainment, and this is hardly any sort of serious legal matter. If the tires are legal, the time counts, if they’re found not to be, then I’m sure they will remove it. In the end, it was just a great episode, and a great moment when the Huayra won the top spot. Can’t we all just leave it at that?

-Nick Walker