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Beautiful Raspberry Bentley Continental GTC W12

Raspberry Bentley Continental GTC W12

While passing the Bentley hospitality lodge at Pebble Beach, I noticed this stunning raspberry colored Continental GTC W12 on display. Normally Bentley Continentals are common fare in wealthy areas, especially Pebble Beach, but the color of this one, and the beautiful setting drew me in. Enjoy the photos.

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Fun from Mach 5 Cars’ Exotic Rally Tour

I recently visited Mach 5 Cars to take part in one of their Exotic Rally Tours. Two of my friends work for Mach 5, an exotic car rental company in the Tri-State Area, and this is something I had been meaning to do for a while now. I took a few pictures, and shot some video of the fun we had on the tour. I was partnered up with my friend, Pete, who works for Mach 5, so when he was driving things got a little crazier.

Porsche 997 Turbo S at Mach 5 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at Mach 5

So check out the video and the photos. Enjoy the sights and sounds of what was surely one of the more exciting days I have had in a while. We look forward to more collaborations with Mach 5 Cars in the future. Check out their website, and give them a call if you want to get yourself behind the wheel… their Exotic Rally Tours are one of the best values in the business. Enjoy.

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The 2013 Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance

James Glickenhaus in his 1947 Ferrari 159S Spyder Corsa
James Glickenhaus taking “Best in In Show” in his 1947 Ferrari 159S Spyder Corsa…. believed to be the oldest Ferrari automobile in existence.

We were in attendance for the 2013 Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance this past weekend in Connecticut. It was a fantastic event, and we saw, and drove, many awesome cars. Like most Concours events we go to, we have come back with months of material that we will be sharing with you over time, but this is a highlight reel to wet your appetite. Enjoy.

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Spotted! Bentley Brooklands, Amelia Island, FL

Bentley Brooklands

On our way into the Concours event on Sunday, we came across this fantastic looking Brooklands sitting all alone in a bank parking lot. There is something special about seeing a car worth more money than most homes just sitting all alone in the real world, covered in morning dew like it were any other object. The Brooklands is a Bentley among Bentleys, the flagship model from 2008-2011, and just 550 examples in existence. Its 6.75L V8 packs 530hp, and a mighty 773ft/lbs of torque. This particular car was immaculately appointed, with a two tone, black and gray, color scheme, a red leather interior, and a red pinstripe along the side.

This is a very Bilderberg type of car, the sort that makes back door arrangements with other big-wigs, and pretends to adopt orphans for fun, just to see the desperate looks on their faces as they drive away without them at the last second. If the “Top 1%” had a team mascot, the Brooklands could certainly be it. The Continental GT is surely the Bentley for sensible money, whereas the Brooklands is for the “just because I can” types. So, if you are seeing this, and you are sad because you don’t have a Brooklands, just take solace in knowing that at least everyone won’t automatically hate you at first sight.

That said, I do love this car, just not the stigma that comes with it. It is the ultimate in “baller status”, which is both a good and bad thing. Enjoy the pics.

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