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This Stanced Toyota Previa is the Shaggin’ Wagon of the Century!

Stanced Toyota Previa Minivan First Class Fitment

This thing is badass, I don’t care what anyone may think. It’s just so ’90s in all the right and wrong ways.

Many Previas even came with a supercharged engine, which I’m just going to assume this one has given the fact that someone deemed it worthy of customizing. They were also on a rear wheel drive platform, offering all wheel drive as well.

My dad had a light blue Toyota Previa back in the day. I don’t remember what year, or whether it was supercharged or not, but it is the first car I actually remember him buying when I was a kid. It was the car I began my 13 year ice hockey career in, and it got us to many-a 5 A.M. practice. Because of that, the Toyota Previa will always have a special place in my heart.

Previas are quite interesting, as minivans go, so I’m always glad when I see them getting some love from the enthusiast crowd. We saw this one recently at First Class Fitment.

-Nick Walker

Highlights From First Class Fitment 2015: Part 1

First Class Fitment Volkswagen Mk1 Golf Slammed

First Class Fitment is a stance/modified car show held at the Airport in Princeton, NJ every fall. People come from all over the region, bringing nicely done rides of all sorts. The event is mostly stanced cars, as you might expect, but there are a few other gems sprinkled in for good measure.

This year was quite good. Lots of really well built cars with interesting details. That’s one thing I love about modified car shows, each car has so much personality. They’d all stand out parked on the street alone, but the ones that catch my eye at the show are always extra cool.

I took quite a lot of photos at the event, so there is much more to come. Enjoy the first gallery!

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A small selection of photos from the NJ Miatas Spring Meet.

NB Orange Fiber Fender Front

As most of you know, I bought a 1993 Mazda Miata a few months ago for dirt cheap, and I immediately joined a few groups to get into the community and meet other people who own Miatas. The first meet of the season for 2015 was last Sunday, and here’s my five favorite Miatas from the event. Many more cars were featured than those here–but these five absolutely caught my eye. Enjoy the short list–more photos from this event will be coming very soon. Continue reading A small selection of photos from the NJ Miatas Spring Meet.

Slammed VW Karmann Ghia at Festivals Of Speed, Amelia Island

Slammed VW Karmann Ghia Festivals of Speed

This slammed Volkswagen Karmann Ghia managed to draw people’s attention away from all of the exotics at Festivals of Speed, Amelia Island. When it comes to slammed cars, I am only a fan of some, but this is surely one of them. This Karmann Ghia was extremely well done, and it really popped with its sparkling brown-orange paint job.

Karmann Ghias are such high-style items these days, and I do think being slammed adds to that appeal. I wish Volkswagen could find a way to bring this sort of style back into their modern cars, but I know that is unlikely.

Enjoy the photos of this lowered beauty!

-Nick Walker

Karmann Ghia VW Badge Slammed VW Ghia Festivals of Speed 3

Slammed VW Ghia at Festivals of Speed Amelia Island Slammed VW Ghia Interior Slammed VW Ghia Wheel

Slammed Audi Allroad at Waterfest 20

Slammed Audi Allroad at Waterfest 20

This demonic-looking Audi Allroad demanded my attention at Waterfest 20 last week. Just something about it’s aura, and the fact that it was stanced just right (none of that froggy-look in the back). The Allroad comes standard with those fender flares, just begging to be filled with some nice wheels, so it seems a prime candidate to be slammed. That said, I haven’t personally seen too many slammed Allroads around, as they are pretty pricy, so this was really cool.

Enjoy the photos!

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Waterfest 20 Highlights

Waterfest 20 Beetle with Bentley Wheels

The thunder of revving engines mixes with pounding dubstep to create an unexpected aural harmony, while exhaust fumes mingle with the pungent aroma of burning cannabis inside your nostrils… this is Waterfest, and it is wonderful!

We’ve gone to Waterfest pretty regularly over the past few years because it is one of the Mecca events for european car enthusiasts. It’s all about Volkswagen Group and their products, but they own many different companies, so you never know what you will see there. Obviously, it is predominantly a slammed car show, and stanceheads from all over flock to Englishtown, NJ so they can judge the “lowness” of everyone’s cars.

While I do like to poke fun at the stance car culture, I must say that I love going to these events because they are always very interesting. Sure many people have the same types of cars, but very few are alike. The stance culture is creative for sure, and it’s always awesome to to see how people deck out their rides. It’s mostly younger people too, members of the individualistic “millennial” generation.

This young demographic is coveted by many automotive marketers, especially GM, but Volkswagen seems to have it down to a tee. VW supports the event, and utilizes it to further build brand loyalty. They are fortunate enough to be at the center of a major automotive trend, and they have whole-heartedly embraced it.

Customization, both in terms of looks and performance, is at the center of this car culture, and Waterfest is as much a marketing bonanza as it is a car show or drag racing competition. Overall, it is one of the most complete events out there, and that is what sets it apart. Heck, Volkswagen even had an autocross course set up this year, and they were letting everyone run the new 2015 GTI through its paces… it was a blast.

So with that, enjoy the photo gallery of all of these fun and interesting cars!

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Cars 101: How to live the “Low Life”

Slammed Honda Accord Coupe
Slammed Honda Accord Coupe by Dan Valanzola

Have you ever been so stoned that you wondered, “Hey, what if my car… and the ground… were the same thing?”

Evidently, someone asked that very question at some point, and the stance craze was born. Slammed cars have all but replaced ricers as the automotive fad of choice, and now everyone wants to be “Hella Flush” in their mom’s Jetta.

It is a movement based entirely around vanity, compromising practical functionality in the name of style and form. There comes with it a rebellious undertone, projecting a level of pride in deviating from the automotive norm. Most people won’t “get it”, and that is the whole point.

So how does one go about conforming to the non-conformity of the Stance Movement? There is a lot more to it than just lowering your car, although that is an inevitability that you might as well just get out of the way. As said by Stance Works, “Low is a lifestyle”, so you’ve gotta really love it to live it low, bro.

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Waterfest 19 (2013)

Slammed Audi TT
Slammed Audi TT

Yesterday we attended Waterfest 19, in Englishtown, NJ. It is one of the largest gatherings of Volkswagen and Audi lovers in the country. While a large portion of the show consists of modified slammed cars, there was a wide variety of other things as well, including a few exotics and an Audi R10 Le Mans car. Waterfest is always a wonderful event, with drag racing and autocross supplementing the massive auto show. Much can be said about this particular crowd of car enthusiasts, but they are definitely an interesting bunch. I usually find one-make car shows boring because everything looks the same, but somehow many of the cars here managed to stand out, even if they are the same make and model. A little dab of creativity does wonders. Enjoy the gallery.

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Bimmerfest 2013

Supercharged BMW M3s
Supercharged BMW M3s

I stopped by Bimmerfest 2013 in Aberdeen, MD to see one of the largest gatherings of Bavarian automobiles in the eastern US. I must confess I was only able to catch the afternoon portion of the show, but there were still plenty of cars left. There was a wide variety of cars present, everything from the latest M-Cars to classics to slammed late model 3 Series’. Enjoy the photos.

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Spotted! a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Jerome, AZ

Volkswagen Beetle

Jerome, Arizona is a small town that sits up on a mountain. It is a classic wild west sort of place, turned tourist destination. My family and I regularly visit when we are in the area, and I am always delighted at the number of old car that seem to be scattered around the town. This time around I came across this Volkswagen Beetle. It seemed to have just the right level of patina, and was parked in a spot that would make for some interesting pictures, so I took these shots. Enjoy. Continue reading Spotted! a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Jerome, AZ

The 2013 Tristate Tuners Spring Meet

Slammed Mitsubishi Lancer

I attended the 2013 Tristate Tuners Spring Meet this past weekend. There were cars of all sorts present, but stance definitely ruled the show. Slammed cars of all sorts came out, but like every show I go to I shot whatever managed to catch my eye in the crowd. The show filled up an entire airstrip in Warminster, PA, and there was probably over a thousand cars in total. There was of course a big traffic jam when everyone decided to leave, but things are always entertaining when you get a bunch of tuner cars together. Enjoy the pics.

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