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Classic NYPD Patrol Vehicles at the New York International Auto Show

Chevrolet Caprice NY Transit Police Car

Although this site tends to focus largely on performance cars, I feel that it’s time to give those who serve and protect a bit of time in the spotlight.  At the New York Auto Show last month, the NYC Police Museum was grateful enough to provide a collection of cars, along with some privately-owned police cars, to put on display in the back of the basement room during the week.  The quality of the cars gathered for the display was impressive, and all three of the Detroit Three were proudly represented, with examples of New York City’s finest chariots from the 1950s all the way up to 2014.  Here are some of my favorites from the display.  See the photos after the jump for a bit more information about each car featured.  Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Classic NYPD Patrol Vehicles at the New York International Auto Show

Bucks County Exotics Meet 5/2/2014

Rossion Q1 at Bucks County Exotics
This Rossion Q1 and Ferrari 458 Spider were just the tip of the iceberg of awesome cars at the meet.

We were in attendance for the Bucks County Exotics meet last Saturday morning. I had a bit of an unexpected late night the previous evening, so it took everything I could muster to climb out of bed and drive over to Doylestown, PA for the meet. It is a cars and coffee style event, and many great cars show up each time, everything from hot rods to classics to supercars. Bucks County is a great area to enjoy driving fun cars, with lots of winding back roads cutting through the woods, and lots of scenic destinations to visit. It also happens to be a pretty affluent area, so everything seems to add up nicely to make an event like the Bucks County Exotics car meet possible.

Enjoy the photos and captions!

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Corvette, Baja Bug, Mustang, Kit Cobra spotted in Monterey, CA

20130817-Pebble Beach 2013 Saturday 425-3

Towards the end of the day on the Saturday we were in Monterey, I was completely tired out.  Running on fumes, Nick went to go shoot a Ferrari Enzo and F50 outside the Monterey Marriott while I went to a nearby Subway to get a few drinks.  After recharging and ignoring the shooting pain in my left knee, I hobbled outside to the street corner and started taking pictures.  It didn’t take long for a few cars to show up.  Hit the pictures for more thoughts on each of these cars. The Baja Bug came first, then I quickly shot the red Mustang while that light was still red.  Once the light went green, I snapped the lime-green Cobra kit car crossing the street and the Corvette a moment later.  They certainly didn’t draw the crowds the Ferraris on the Marriott entrance were, but these four cars never once looked out of place.  Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Corvette, Baja Bug, Mustang, Kit Cobra spotted in Monterey, CA

1966 Ford Mustang GT Coupe at the Radnor Hunt Concours, 2013

The original Mustang is a shape that’s known worldwide as one of the first affordable sports coupes that was accessible to everyone.  I’ve always been a fan of the first generation model, ever since I helped a friend of mine tear down a moribund ’66 model in his garage as a kid.  This black 1966 model is a hardtop–not the most desirable body style, but it was clean and very straight.  This one’s fitted with all the right accouterments from the era, including the imitation mag wheels, red line tires, a black vinyl roof, and red stripes to set off that raven-black paint.  The interior looked strong as well, with full instrumentation, a four-speed manual transmission, and a full center console with the top-line trim.  I’m always a fan of the early Mustangs that have been kept clean and have been well-looked-after, and this one was a great example of what I like to see.  Enjoy the photos.
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1957 Ford at the New Hope Car Show

This past August, I was busy taking pictures with Nick at the New Hope Car Show, an event which, although not billed as a Concours, has cars that would certainly look at home in one.  Day One, August 10, is reserved for American cars.  This year, during the awards, we were taking detail shots when my eardrums on both sides of my head got a big jolt.  I turned around, and there was this rather ordinary-looking 1957 Ford two-door sedan sitting in traffic idling behind me.  However, the dog-dish hubcaps and rather loud shade of red spoke to something sinister–if there’s one thing I learned over my years, it was that this Ford, with its fetching red paint and rumbling exhaust, was hiding something wicked under the hood.  After a quick chat with the owner, I was delighted to hear that this ’57 was packing some serious punch–in fact, this thing was running a supercharged 292 cubic inch V8 with 300 brake horsepower–a huge sum at that time, and even though I wasn’t sure if it was original, I certainly enjoyed the soundtrack and the straightness of the bodywork.  I had not seen a ’57 Ford as clean as this one until that point, and I haven’t seen one as good cosmetically since then.  Enjoy the photos.
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Trans-Am Mustangs and Camaros at Laguna Seca

Before seeing these classic American beasts roar their way around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Nick and I traipsed around the paddock and surveyed the potential field.  While we were walking around, I took some snaps of some of my favorite Trans-Am racers, unsure if I would be able to see them on the track later.  Luckily, I not only got these shots, but was able to see these beasts battle it out on the tarmac later in the afternoon in the blinding sun.  After hearing these old muscle cars run, I was deaf for a few glorious hours.  Searing color, searing sounds, and a thumping exhaust note–just about everything needed to enjoy an afternoon on the track.  Enjoy the photos, and Happy Holidays. Continue reading Trans-Am Mustangs and Camaros at Laguna Seca

Ford GT40s at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Ford GT40 MkII at Amelia Island
Ford GT40 MkII at Amelia Island

The 2013 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance featured a tribute to the legendary Ford GT40. I always say that many of the legendary cars we know and love today were originally created because Enzo Ferrari pissed someone off, and the GT40 is one such car.

Back in 1963 Ford went well into the process to purchase Ferrari, but Enzo pulled out of the deal at the last minute, after a lot of money had been spent by Ford to audit his company, because Ford would not allow Enzo continued total control over Ferrari’s racing division. Henry Ford II was infuriated by Enzo, and decided to get his revenge where it would hurt Enzo most, on the racetrack. With the help of Carroll Shelby, and many others, the Ford GT40 was born, and it unleashed a firestorm upon the Ferrari’s racing efforts, most notably winning the 24 hrs of LeMans four years in a row (1966-1969).

Seeing so many Ford GT40s in the same place was nothing short of an epic experience, and it made quite a good impression on my first trip to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. We look forward to returning this year, and can only hope for another display as spectacular as this one was. Enjoy the photos.

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Spotted! 1972 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer, Carmel, CA

While walking around Carmel during the Concours weekend, I am always excited to see what turns up on the street.  I’ll usually expect to see plenty of the newest and best of all exotics, along with a solid smattering of the greatest hits of most historic segments.  Trucks, however, don’t usually cross my mind.  However, when an example as good as this one was turned up right on Ocean Avenue, I stopped and took it in.  It’s a ’72 Blazer, by indication of the main points (grille, body style, location of the rearview mirror) and although it’s not exactly stock with its ride height, I haven’t seen one this straight in my life.  Therefore, I felt like it deserved some attention amongst the Ferraris, Lambos, and other exotics that pepper this very landscape in the third weekend of August.  Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Spotted! 1972 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer, Carmel, CA

The new Mustang is a true step in the right direction.

Image via USA Today

In the pantheon of American cars, the Ford Mustang is one of the legends.  It has consistently represented a way for the common man to get something powerful for not a lot of cash.  For most enthusiasts, though, the Mustang through the years has always been a bit behind.  The previous generation, no matter how good of a car it was, was still held back a bit.  I think, however, with the new model on its way, that there’s a big change in the winds. Continue reading The new Mustang is a true step in the right direction.

2013 Monterey Motorsports Reunion: Paddock Highlights

Porsche 962
Porsche 962

During the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, the paddock of Laguna Seca is always full of interesting and legendary things. 2013 was no exception, with drool worthy race cars everywhere you looked. In particular there were numerous Porsche 962s, monster Group Group C racing cars for those unfamiliar with them. It is always difficult to focus your attention while down in the paddock because everywhere you look there is something awesome to see. I will let the photos take it from here. Enjoy.

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