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Mercedes CLK GTR Spotted at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

Mercedes CLK GTR Amelia 23

This was one of those HOLY SHIT moments. I go out for a test drive, come back, and there’s a literal unicorn sitting in the courtyard in front of the Ritz. I mean I had literally seen a McLaren F1 go by out on the road just a few minutes before, and what could possibly top that? A Mercedes CLK GTR is one of the few that could, and there it was!

This is only the second CLK GTR I’ve ever seen in person, and the only one actually in a public setting that had been driven in on the road. Just 25 CLK GTR road cars exist on our Earth, making it more than twice as rare as the mighty McLaren F1. It is such an insane machine, even in the company of other incredible cars it just trumps them.

For those unfamiliar with the Mercedes CLK GTR, it is quite literally a street-legal LeMans racing car. Back in the late 1990s carmakers had to build a small production run of street-legal versions of their racecars if they wanted to compete in the GT1 class at LeMans. Mercedes had the CLK GTR, McLaren had the F1, and Porsche had the 911 GT1. There were also a number of similar, more obscure GT1 homologations from Lotus, Nissan, Toyota, Lamborghini, and others.

The CLK GTR is powered by an AMG-built V12 producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 600hp, although this particular GTR appears to have had some extra work put into it so it may be even more.

It’s one thing to have a car that turn heads, it’s a totally different thing to have a car that will literally make people’s dreams come true when you roll up. This is surely the latter.

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The Mercedes 600 of “The Witches of Eastwick” Live and in Living Color!

Mercedes-Benz 600 Rear

What do we have here? Oh nothing, just a dark-red Mercedes 600 Grosser, one of the most famous and (thanks to its owner list) infamous cars ever built. Mercedes sold these incredible machines to the likes of Coco Chanel, Pol Pot, Elvis, Idi Amin, and George Harrison, among many others. This example was used in the famous movie The Witches of Eastwick and was driven by Jack Nicholson’s character, who was quite literally the Devil Incarnate. I have to say, that color suits it incredibly well.

-Albert S. Davis

1912 Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Special at Radnor Hunt

1912 Mercedes Grand Prix 1 1912 Mercedes Grand Prix 2

This is one of those insane racecars from the dawn of the automotive era. It’s got a 9.5L inline 4 from a period fighter plane stuffed under its hood, and not much extra car around it. This is a racer from an era when the drivers had some serious stones because the speeds were very real and the safety measures were nonexistent.

-Nick Walker

Mercedes 190SL at Misselwood

Mercedes 190 SL Misselwood 2

I couldn’t get over the rich color combo on this Mercedes 190 SL at Misselwood. These old Mercedes roadsters are something truly special, and I just love when their color pallet lives up to my imagination. There’s literally nothing I would change about it.


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Highlights from Radnor Hunt 2017

Mercedes 4x4 Squared

We had a beautiful day yesterday for the Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance. There were some incredible cars in attendance, and we took hundreds of photos. Here are a few highlights for you to chew on…

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1956 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster at the Haskell Car Show

190SL Front 1

Mercedes-Benz has made the SL for over 60 years, and despite the fact that some of them have been duds, the original is a timeless classic. Some people love the Gullwings, others love the Roadsters. I’m firmly in the latter camp, by virtue of the fact that the first toy car I bought with my own money selling candy as a kid was an ivory-colored 190SL Roadster. I don’t have it anymore, but the memories flood back when I see a 190 droptop in the flesh. This medium blue example drew a lot of attention at Monmouth Park Racetrack this weekend. It succeeded in keeping my attention span occupied for a good amount of time, and was my favorite foreign car at the show. Enjoy the photos of this timeless piece of artwork.

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