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Motor Trend Pits the Audi RS7 Against The Porsche Panamera Turbo

Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman instigates some in-fighting between members of the VW Group: Audi’s RS7 takes on Porsche’s Panamera Turbo. Both are all wheel drive, four door sedans, and both have turbocharged V8 engines. The similarities are numerous, but in the end, the differences do show.

PS: I absolutely love the Porsche’s purple paint job, which Johnny says he hates more than a few times throughout the video. It is a provocative color, and one that lends itself well to the relatively “sleeper” Turbo model.


Fun from Mach 5 Cars’ Exotic Rally Tour

I recently visited Mach 5 Cars to take part in one of their Exotic Rally Tours. Two of my friends work for Mach 5, an exotic car rental company in the Tri-State Area, and this is something I had been meaning to do for a while now. I took a few pictures, and shot some video of the fun we had on the tour. I was partnered up with my friend, Pete, who works for Mach 5, so when he was driving things got a little crazier.

Porsche 997 Turbo S at Mach 5 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at Mach 5

So check out the video and the photos. Enjoy the sights and sounds of what was surely one of the more exciting days I have had in a while. We look forward to more collaborations with Mach 5 Cars in the future. Check out their website, and give them a call if you want to get yourself behind the wheel… their Exotic Rally Tours are one of the best values in the business. Enjoy.

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The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering 2013

Ferrari P4/5 owned by James Glickenhaus
Ferrari P4/5 owned by James Glickenhaus

The Quail is probably the most exclusive show during Monterey Car Week. The best cars are always in attendance, many of which don’t even show up at Pebble Beach — despite Pebble Beach being the far more prestigious event. There is some political BS surrounding the event that I could address, but frankly, I only care about the cars.

Put simply, the Quail is absolutely the show to go to on the Friday of Monterey Car Week, provided you can get in. Every event on the Monterey Peninsula is worth checking out, but the comparative quality of the automotive crop at this event is staggering, even with the high standards of the other events. We got there a bit late because of prior engagements that day, but I we still managed to see most of the event. I’m going to just let the pictures do the talking from here. Enjoy.

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Waterfest 19 (2013)

Slammed Audi TT
Slammed Audi TT

Yesterday we attended Waterfest 19, in Englishtown, NJ. It is one of the largest gatherings of Volkswagen and Audi lovers in the country. While a large portion of the show consists of modified slammed cars, there was a wide variety of other things as well, including a few exotics and an Audi R10 Le Mans car. Waterfest is always a wonderful event, with drag racing and autocross supplementing the massive auto show. Much can be said about this particular crowd of car enthusiasts, but they are definitely an interesting bunch. I usually find one-make car shows boring because everything looks the same, but somehow many of the cars here managed to stand out, even if they are the same make and model. A little dab of creativity does wonders. Enjoy the gallery.

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Leagues Lost in Luxury

Rolls Royce Phantoms old and new
Rolls Royce Phantoms old and new

Going to all of these concours events I’ve had the privilege to see some of the most glorious prewar luxury cars imaginable. Packards, Duesenbergs,  Delahayes, Bugattis, the list goes on and on. This got me thinking about how most of these wonderful cars haven’t survived the ages, and it begged the question, why?

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Chris Harris puts his chipped Audi S4 against the Audi RS4

Another great video from Drive: Chris Harris pits his supercharged Audi S4 against the mighty, V8 powered RS4. This illustrates the merits of forced induction well. For just a few hundred dollars, you can make your car quite a bit faster than stock. Sure that naturally aspirated responsiveness is great, but I’m happy to trade that for easy, and massive, performance gains.


The Audi S3 is right on the money

2015 Audi S3
2015 Audi S3

It is no secret that cars have been getting bigger. In BMW terms, the current 3 series is the size of an old 5 series, and the current 5 series might as well be a 7 series (it’s on the same platform). Audis too have been getting larger, although not to the same staggering degree as BMWs. Many of us enthusiasts now long for the way cars used to be, wanting the compact size and similar packaging as models that are 10 or 20 years old. Audi’s new A3, which will be hitting US shores, seems like it might be exactly what we are yearning for.

Specifically I want to look at the Audi S3, the hot and spicy one that we all really want. Looking at the details, it seems very similar to the B5 Audi S4 of the early 2000s. A car that is well loved by enthusiasts despite some rather large flaws. On paper the B5 S4 looks like a great car, with a 250hp turbocharged V6, all wheel drive, a good suspension, all in the package of a typical sedan. However, these S4s have had some pretty serious reliability problems, including turbos that fail around 70k miles and quirky electronics. The B5 S4 is a great car if you have the money, and patience to deal with its issues, but I think we all wish it didn’t have those issues in the first place.

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2014 Audi RS6 released, now for some speculation


The new Audi RS6 Avant has just been revealed online, and my how badass it is. However, me being the ever curious sort, I must wonder about the engine they have put in it. They claim it to be a 560hp version of their trusty, and ever underrated, 4.0L turbocharged V8.

Lets take a look back at Motor Trend’s Audi S6 test (from 3:57 to 5:36) from a few weeks back. On paper the S6 is a 4700lb, all wheel drive sedan with 520hp from its 4.0T engine. However Motor Trend’s tests yielded a 0-60 time of 3.5sec and a quarter mile run of 11.8sec @ 118mph, number that do not fit with the car’s on paper figures. They decided to test the S8 on a chassis dyno, and it put down 480awhp… translating to around 580hp being produced from the engine. Could this be the exact same version of the 4.0T that we are now seeing in the RS6?

If you consider the cost of developing even a moderately different version of an engine for a company like Audi, then it would make sense to use it in more than just one place. This is just a hunch, but it’s an educated hunch, and we will find out for sure when test of the RS6 come out. That makes the S6 an incredible value in its class, and the new RS6 exactly what we would like it to be. Despite the outright lying on their power claims, Audi is continuing to take the industry by storm.

We aren’t big on reposting dry press releases, so you can find the full list of impressive details on the new RS6 here.


Test Driven: 2012 Audi A7

Four-door coupes are one of the fastest-growing segments in this country.  Mercedes started the ball rolling with the CLS, and as of now, the other two German luxury brands have answered the call with interpretations of their own.  BMW recently launched the 6-Series Gran Coupe, while Audi started selling their entry last year, the A7.  Towards the end of December 2011, my father and I stopped by the local dealer and drove this stunning white example to find out how good the A7 is. Continue reading Test Driven: 2012 Audi A7