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Classic Toyota FJ40 Spotted at Amelia Island


That time Toyota made a better jeep than Jeep. These old FJs are highly sought after now, which means many people take the trouble to restore them to immaculate condition. We caught this green one at the Ritz on Amelia Island.

I really love the style of the old FJs, and between these, the Land Cruiser, and their trucks, Toyota has quite a history of making legendary off-roaders. I was a fan of the newer FJ Cruiser, from a few years back, too. Honestly, I think Toyota should make FJ into a sub-brand and take on Jeep head-on. Unfortunately, they seem too hell-bent on being bland to take such a bold step at this point.



Infiniti QX80 Limited Review: The Plush Utility Vehicle

Infiniti QX80 Limited Review 1

I believe the term is “Land Yacht.” A massive, expensive way of getting from place to place for people who like to take up their slightly-more-than-fair share of space in the world. It also works great if you have a large family, although, most forms of birth control are a lot cheaper than this $90,000 behemoth.

Either way, if this is the way you want to get around in the world, then the Infiniti QX80 Limited will do a lot to float your boat. Maybe a Cadillac Escalade is too “Tony Soprano” for you. Maybe you’d like a Mercedes GLS, but, unfortunately, your local dealer just sold their last one to another real estate agent who’s drowning themselves in payments trying to “project an image of success” to their clients. Have no fear, the QX80 is here to save the day, and you just might be glad you didn’t get the others.

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Bentley Bentayga at NYIAS 2016

Bentley Bentayga NYIAS 2016

We got our first look at the new Bentley Bentayga SUV at the New York International Auto Show. Part of me doesn’t think it quite fits as a Bentley, the other part of me sees how it was a no-brainer for the Luxury SUV segment.

I think there’s little doubt the Bentayga will sell well. I mean, pretty soon you’ll be seeing them sprinkled around the Apple Store side of your local mall, right next to the Teslas. The question is does it help Bentley or hurt their brand identity?


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 at Amelia Island

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 Amelia Island 1

This is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, a car for hardcore people who live hardcore lives filled with all manner of hardcoreness, as well as grotesque amounts of money (maybe legal, but probably not). It’s 6-wheel drive, and that means that even after the apocalypse, you’ll be able to get to the mall so you can still be the first one to get the new iPhone.

That’s what the modern luxury SUV is about, and the Mercedes 6×6 is the undisputed king. You don’t even have to worry about arriving early to get a good parking spot when you have one of these. If it’s crowded, just park on top some car in a handicapped spot. You’ve already paid for your privilege, they can get their own.

The 6×6 is definitely a Bond villains car if I’ve ever seen one. It’s for people who don conflict diamonds proudly and wear clothing made from the pelts of endangered animals. Someone with henchmen and offshore bank accounts with a good evil laugh, and a cat which they stroke constantly.

If this fits you, then you need a Mercedes 6×6. Sure they may be all sold out, but just assassinate someone who has one and pick it up cheap at the estate sale. Heck, with a few well-placed put options, you might even make money along the way.


Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 Amelia Island 2 Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 Amelia Island 3

Lamborghini LM002 Spotted at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

Lamborghini LM002 Amelia Island 3

Lamborghini once made an SUV/Truck for the Italian military. This is the street version, the Lamborghini LM002. Think of it as a Humvee with more style, fine Italian leather, a manual gearbox, and the V12 from the Lamborghini Countach supercar. Yes, this is a V12 Lamborghini off-roader, and it’s badass as hell.

We caught this very rare green LM002 outside the Ritz Carlton, host to the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. We were in a hurry to get to an event, so I only shot it as we walked past, but it was unbelievably cool.

Dads, keep your daughters away from any guy who pulls up in one of these…

-Nick Walker

Lamborghini LM002 Amelia Island 2 Lamborghini LM002 Amelia Island 1

Jay Leno Drives The Unbelievable Lamborghini LM002

Lambo’s LM002, or the “Rambo Lambo” as it was called, is a totally insane machine that somehow actually got produced.

It’s a Hummer-like military SUV with a supercar’s V12 under the hood. Just listen to the sound it makes!

Whatever fantasy car lists we all have, this should definitely be on it.



Camo Ford SVT Raptor at First Class Fitment

Ford SVT Raptor Camo First Class Fitment 1

First Class Fitment is always an ocean of stance, where you’ll drown in a flood of excessive camber and hella-flush-ness. This Camo Ford SVT Raptor was the exact opposite. A lifted hunk of ‘Murican metal, it stood proudly among the endless flocks of lowered cars like the American flag stands on the moon.

I’m not really a “truck guy”, but if I were going to buy a modern truck, a Ford Raptor just like this one would be my aspiration. I love the camo paint job too. It just sets off the truck’s flavor that much more.


-Nick Walker

Ford SVT Raptor Camo First Class Fitment 2 Ford SVT Raptor Camo First Class Fitment 3

Jeep Renegade Limited Review: The Italians Have Made A Jeep You’ll Love!

Jeep Renegade Limited Review 1

When you think of Jeep, you think of the iconic Jeep Wrangler. Drawing its heritage all the way back to the army jeeps of World War II, the Wrangler has become the staple off-road vehicle of choice for many.

Many people just love the Wrangler’s unique style, though, without much interest in actually using its vast off-road capabilities. These buyers spell big opportunity for Jeep.

You see, while the Wrangler is quite “cool”, it’s strict off-road focus gives it some pretty serious drawbacks when it comes to everyday on-road driving. Anyone wanting to drive a Wrangler for its style points will have to be willing to sacrifice on fuel economy, practicality, handling, comfort, and security (with open models). Kind of a tough sell.

The big solution for Jeep was to create an all-new model that would take the Wrangler’s DNA and distill it into a more useable package for normal on-road use.

The new Jeep Renegade is that solution. Where the Wrangler is an off-roader first and daily car second, the Renegade is daily car first and an off-roader second.

Jeep Renegade Limited Review 7 Jeep Renegade Limited Review 20

Renegades are selling well, and I do think Jeep may have a home run on their hands here. Honestly, there are more buyers out there who just want a Jeep for the unique style of the brand, rather than to actually go rock crawling in the desert.

My girlfriend, Gab, is a perfect example. She’s all about the Jeep image, and she loves the car’s features, but she’s not all about getting it muddy or traversing the Mojave desert in her spare time.

Gab got this black 2015 Jeep Renegade Limited a little over a month ago, and she’s been letting me drive her around in it. I feel I’ve gotten to know the car pretty well at this point, and now it’s time to share my take on it with you, my dear readers.

So put your boots on and lets get to it! Continue reading Jeep Renegade Limited Review: The Italians Have Made A Jeep You’ll Love!

PT Cruiser Monster Truck at Hopewell Cruise Night

Chrysler PT Cruiser Monster Truck

Clearly this just needed to be posted. It’s a PT Cruiser gone PT Bruiser!

We caught this at the last Hopewell Cruise Night, down the road from most of the action. There were a few other such vehicles with it, but the PT Cruiser has a place close to my heart… it was my first car in Gran Turismo 3 as a kid, mostly because I knew what it was at the time.

This thing is a beast!