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Range Rover Velar P380 SE Review: Taking a Different Approach


Sometimes style is everything. In the age of Instagram, appearances are more important than ever and brands are having to make the appeal of their products more and more bold.

Land Rovers of old were boxy functional things, meant to go places other vehicles couldn’t. If you bought a Range Rover, that just meant you wanted to bring the comfort of your living room along with you to such remote locations.

My oh my, how the game has changed.

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Highlight Preview from the 2018 Greenwich Concours


We’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. We saw some amazing cars and had a few great drives as well.

There is a lot more to come from this weekend, so stay tuned. Here is a preview gallery to hold you over. Enjoy!

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Highlights from the 2018 Cars and Caffe Season Opener

Here are some highlights from the Cars and Caffe Season Opener. It’s a little late because I came down with a really nasty flu right after the show, so I’m playing a bit of catch up.

Enjoy this taste of much more to come from this phenomenal event. If you live in the northeastern US, it’s really worth the trip.


Jaguar XJR-15 at Cars and Coffee Amelia Island

Jaguar XJR-15 Cars and Coffee 5

Following up the Mercedes CLK GTR from last week, here is yet another 90’s unicorn we saw this year at Amelia Island, a Jaguar XJR-15. One of just 53 produced, it is the road going version of the 24hrs of LeMans-winning XJR-9 racecar. I mean, just look at the interior, and how the seats are just molded right onto the carbon tub. It’s an extreme experience to be sure.

We’ve seen this car a few times before, it’s been a staple of the Amelia Island scene every time we’ve been, but this was the nicest setting I’ve been able to shoot it in. Enjoy!

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1936 Lagonda LG45 at the Amelia Island Concours

1936 Lagonda LG45 Amelia 9

With a top speed of around 100mph, this striking blue Lagonda was one of the fastest British cars of its day. It was so fast, in fact, that a Lagonda 4.5L won LeMans the year before this car was made. You can see the rest of the details on this car in the image below.

What really drew me to this car was its distinctive color combo and its awesome hood ornament. The color is almost like BMW’s Laguna Seca Blue, and the interior is chocolate leather with light wood trim. It’s a gorgeous combination! As for the hood ornament, it’s a native gentleman fighting a snake with a hatchet. Quite an epic scene to witness as you drive along.

Enjoy the gallery of this magnificent classic Brit!

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Evo Shows Us Around the McLaren Senna

The details of the McLaren Senna are immense. This may be the most track-focused version of a supercar to-date… to the point where the car is actually illegal for road use in Race Mode.

It’s a badass car for badass people who live badass lives. People who will walk out of Starbucks with a big straw in a small iced latte, J-walk to their car across the street, and drive off in Race Mode right in front of a cop. Hell yeah, unlike airflow, society can’t hold this thing down!


Triumph TR8 at the Bergen Cars and Coffee

Triumph TR8 Rear (1)

Triumph fans don’t like the TR7 at all. The cheese-wedge lines, safety bumpers, awkward finishing lines, and too-small wheels don’t combine to make a pretty picture. Luckily, Triumph wasn’t as dim as we all thought, and grabbed the 3.5L Buick V8 that Rover was using. They shoehorned it into the TR7 and made the TR8 a reality. It wasn’t perfect, but it was at least quick enough that no one knew it was a TR7 with a better engine. These are curiosities today, but this example was too nice to pass up.

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